Utility Due Dates are Changing

Beginning in June 2021, Oconto Falls Municipal Utilities will be changing billing periods and due dates for most of our customers. The intent of these changes is to align our purchases of wholesale energy with the retail sales that we charge you, our customer, and minimize the fluctuations in the Power Cost Adjustment Clause (PCAC) that appear on your monthly bill.

 The PCAC allows electric utilities to make monthly adjustments to customer bills when costs for providing power are above or below the average cost authorized by the Public Service Commission (PSC). When power costs fluctuate, the PCAC allows bills to be adjusted accordingly. 

New Billing Procedure

Beginning in June, due dates will become uniform for all customers, around the 28th of every month. Over the course of the next few months, you may experience longer periods of service reflected on your monthly bills, but by no more than five additional days per month. 

Budget/Auto Pay Customers

The planned shift will change the date of your automatic payment. Auto payments will be withdrawn around the 28th of each month, beginning in June 2021. Please review your payment due date. 

Transition Schedule

Meter reading dates will be moved forward over the next few months to eventually be more aligned with a calendar month. Below is the transitions schedule: 

April Bill May Bill June Bill July Bill
Read Date Bill Date Due Date Read Date Bill Date Due Date Read Date Bill Date Due Date Read Date Bill Date Due Date
3/24/21 4/1/21 4/20/21 4/27/21 5/1/21 5/20/21 5/28/21 6/8/21 6/28/21 7/1/21 7/8/21 7/28/21


Please contact our office with any questions during this transition.