Upcoming Meeting Agendas:


Utility Commission Agenda - July 15, 2024


Utility Commission for the Oconto Falls Water & Light meets the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Meetings are held in Council Chambers at the City Municipal Building located at 500 N. Chestnut Avenue

Please remember to silence cell phones before attending a meeting.


At least 24 hours prior, public notice will be given of all meetings. Unless good cause why a 24-hour notice is impossible or impractical (an emergency); a shorter notice will be given but in no case will a notice be provided less than 2 hours before a meeting. Agendas are forwarded to the newspapers and any news media who have requested the same - agendas are posted at City Hall, Oconto Falls Community Library, and on the Utility website at www.ofmu.org.

Any person wishing to attend a meeting who requires special accommodations because of a disability should contact the Utility office at 920-846-4507 with adequate notice so appropriate accommodations can be made.


Agendas are subject to change up to 24 hours prior to a meeting.